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Địa chỉ: Cụm Công nghiệp Hạp Lĩnh, Phường Hạp Lĩnh, Thành phố Bắc Ninh, Tỉnh Bắc Ninh

Quy mô: 100-200

Website: http://www.accu-group.com/en/

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As the world leading management consultation and total quality solution provider established in 2003, ACCU is a multinational service group registered in British Cayman Islands with its global operation headquarters located in Suzhou Industrial Park, China. The company owns more than 1000 employees (including more than 400 international employees), more than 600 professional quality technicians, and a team of more than 50 consultants and training experts in its subsidiaries and offices covering 30-odd countries and regions across the globe.
Committed to building a world-leading service platform, ACCU relies on its worldwide quality relay centers and after-sale service centers to provide integrated solutions to multiple industries along the global supply chain of intelligent manufacturing by virtue of its independently-developed TQS cloud data platform APP. ACCU has now become the worlds top consulting company engaged in global business management and quality management, Asia’s largest quality service company for the supply chain of electronics and automotive manufacturing, the first quality management company in China to serve globally-top automobile manufacturers, and the world-leading quality solution provider and successful implementer for the new-energy vehicle and electric automotive industry

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