Warehouse Team Leader


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Ngày cập nhật: 01-06-2022

Địa điểm: Đà Nẵng Cần Thơ Hồ Chí Minh

Ngành nghề: Vận chuyển/ Giao nhận/ Kho vận

Vị trí: Trưởng phòng

Mức lương: Thương lượng

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Mô tả công việc

1. Safety & Sustainability:
- Act in accordance with the safety regulations.
- Assist the Warehouse Manager to translate the safety regulations into appropriate practical working instructions and regularly assess the warehouse operation to ensure that regulations are respected.
- Report accidents, incidents, near misses, unsafe conditions and behaviors.
- Implement countermeasures to reduce and mitigate risks.
- Stimulate an open environment where safety is put first, by sharing safety concerns, acting as an example and addressing each other on safety.
- Beside the regular planned safety audit, perform the random safety audit of random workflow to ensure safety culture are embedded.
- Contribute to sustainability in warehousing by reducing waste and energy consumption.
- Act as a role model.
- Perform coaching on safety behavior and compliance for related parties working at warehouse.
- Control the compliance (company regulation and policy) of related parties working at warehouse.

2. Warehouse planning:
- Define the storage space layout to run the warehousing activities and review regularly to align with changing circumstances.
- Translate short and medium terms sales, inventory and production plans into weekly and daily warehousing resource (staff, space, equipment) requirements and scheduling.
- Weekly and daily plan and organize staff shifts and resource allocation to warehousing activities.

3. Warehouse process execution management:
- Monitor and control overtime, staff productivity, line stoppages, and delays in trucks loading/ unloading due to lack of warehousing resources.
- Monitors daily the resources utilization to spot over and under capacity situations.
- Ensure continuity of operations of all workflows in unexpected circumstances to ensure service level requirements are met.
- Implement, monitor and control 5S in the warehouse.
- Regularly assess and audit the execution of goods movement on all the physical workflows of the shop floor.

4. Inventory management:
- Accountable and responsible to translate the Traceability, FEFO, expire date and freshness policies into practical working instructions.
- Monitor the organization of regular stock counts.
- Apply corrective measures based on inventory discrepancies.
- Approve correction of inventory data in case of discrepancy with physical inventory.
- Control the real time execution of system transaction compliance with the according Company process and policy.
- Ensure system inventory accuracy are maintained all the time.

5. Storage & stock quality assurance/ management:
- Translates the regulations into appropriate practical working instructions.
- Put measures in place to monitor and report product quality issues in a timely way.
- Perform corrective actions/ preventive actions for any issue regarding to FIFO, or damaged stock due to warehouse operation.

6. Empty yards & PM warehouses operations:
- Ensure right RPM and packaging material policies and procedures are adhered to.
- Control and ensure smooth operation always in a safe way of empty yard and packaging material warehouses.
- Maintain an efficient layout for empty yard and packaging material warehouses.

7. Assets & equipment management:
- Ensure all the warehousing assets and equipment are maintained in good working condition according to the applicable regulations.
- Anticipate need for replacement or upgrade of warehousing equipment and assets.
- Conducts root cause analysis of equipment breakdown.
- Ensure proper and efficient R&M for warehouse facilities.
- Ensure proper preventive maintenance are followed by LSP.

8. TPM & Continuous Improvement:
- Follow and report warehousing KPIs on a daily basis in Daily Control System (DCS) meetings and communicate to team.
- Initiates actions to improve in safety, warehousing processes, assets, stock quality and/ or inventory management. Improve warehousing operation by using appropriate TPM tools.
- Ensure improvements are captured in procedures and staff is trained accordingly.

9. Management reporting and others:
- Review wareshouse performance (KPIs) and build according improved actions.
- Lead and ensure daily DCS, weekly warehouse operation meeting.
- Review cost deployment/ analysis and build improved actions.

10. Organization & People management:
- Ensure all PDPs are in place and performance management cycle is followed.
- Monitor sick leave and absenteeism.
- Ensure proper training for the warehousing staff.
- Hold regular meeting with staff to reinforce awareness, discuss issues and possible solution and communicate new applicable regulations related to safety, quality, stock & inventory management and use of assets and equipment.

11. LSP Management:
- Manage the weekly and monthly performance of warehouse LSPs (Labor, FLT…)
- Collaborate and ensure the supervisors of LSPs can schedule their resource working by shift to meet our warehouse resource requirement.
- Coach and train the trainers for LSP representatives/ supervisors on safety and sustainability and ensure they can do their according audits and coaching to their staff.
- Collaborate with LSPs representative and supervisors for daily/ weekly problem solving, and in order to deliver joint improved projects.

Yêu cầu công việc

Working & Thinking level: Bachelor in Business, Supply Chain Management or related field

Experience/ skills required:
+ 5 years in business, preferably logistics (warehouse and transport management).
+ Microsoft Office: Excel
+ SAP ECC or other ERP system. WMS if applicable.​
+ Required Soft skills (leadership, planning and organizing, Decisiveness, communication,...)

Language: English; local language.

Others: Supply Chain understanding, understanding of order management and transportation.

Quyền lợi công việc

To be discussed in the interview.
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